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This is not a secret. This is math. Sometimes casinos will even make cards with basic strategy available at the table. But they will never insist you follow it. Never be fooled by a dealer’s “sage” advice. “Maybe five percent of dealers know basic strategy… MAYBE,” says “Sophie,” a former casino dealer turned card counter. The secrets I learned working in a casino - Prism Casino You know those player point cards that land-based casino players have? They’re like a fingerprint. When you drop the card at a table or insert it into a slot, the casino is keeping track of every single bet you make. At any given time, they can pull a report that shows them the names of the high rollers haven’t been to the casino in a while. Was my Players Card Controlling my Machine... - YouTube

Casino Card Games 2019 - Which online casinos offer the best card games? Compare baccarat, poker and others with our helpful guide to all of them.As you might be able to guess, most people prefer playing casino card game against other players.

Players Clubs 101. Make sure you know what you’re getting from your club by Jeffrey Compton. With all the writings and publicity regarding players clubs, it is the sad truth at least 50 percent of casinos customers (especially on the Las Vegas Strip) do not know what a club is, or due to a misconception, do not choose to join. Secrets casinos don't want you to know - Available at every major casino in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, the Player's Card gets loaded with discounts and free hotel stays the more you play. Many casinos give you a round of free play or a T-shirt just for signing up. And to reel you in even more, you can use the same card at any casino owned by the same company. The Ultimate Truth About Casino Players Cards I sometimes ask people why they don’t use a card and have received several different answers. The other day, someone was spouting off every slot myth in the book – “teaching” everyone around him, … Continue reading The Ultimate Truth About Casino Players Cards

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People who work in casinos, what should we know? : AskReddit Nov 12, 2011 ... 6) Don't let other players tell you what to do; it's YOUR MONEY. ... card counters, there is no way to beat the casino over the long run. ...... I think it's some type of secret or something, because some will only put their money ... 11 Blackjack Tips the Casinos Don't Want You to Know |