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English Lesson: "I'll see your five and raise you five ... English lesson from "I'll see your five and raise you five more." - You're playing poker. The last player bet five dollars. You think that your cards ... I-ll-see-you-and-raise-you dictionary definition | i-ll ... i-ll-see-you-and-raise-you definition: Phrase 1. Used to accept a bet, and at the same time raise the stakes.I'll see your five and raise you ten.I'll see your bet ... I'll see you and raise you - definition and meaning from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. phrase Used to accept a bet, and at the same time raise the stakes. phrase More generally, used ... Glossary of poker terms - Wikipedia

The ante in poker is essentially a wager you have to make before you see your ... Players must call or raise the blind bet to stay in the game, otherwise they fold.

Heads Up Poker Strategy If you miss your draw, you can keep attacking and hope he folds, or by miracle, you may even hit your draw and have a very well disguised hand that's perfect for trapping. I SEE YOUR Winter Blues AND Raise YOU A Tropical Depression Meteorologists often have to put on a poker face to hide their excitement over the really interesting, very challenging task of continuous broadcasting coverage with wall-to-wall data and statistics that need to be turned into information … Your idea is worthless and you shouldn't raise money for it Where can you find an investor for your startup? Let's play some poker and see when it's actually worth to raise money for building your product. Slow play in poker

So your call has most likely let one player see the flop for free, and another player see the flop cheaply. ... If you now raise, you've made a blind steal attempt.

10 Poker Tips to Help You Raise Your Game • Online Traveling… Follow these valuable hints that can also serve as useful tips for online poker and your enjoyment of the game could develop into a profitable venture.Pay attention to how your opponents play and what their tendencies may be. What body language can you see when they bluff, call or raise?