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why is poker considered a sport? | Yahoo Answers Best Answer: I think because it involves competition between two or more people where the goal is to win, at least that makes sense to me in a "by the book" kinda way. Personally I agree it shouldn't be considered a sport. Nothing should be a sport unless it involves competition and physical activity, where some talent is required. Why is poker considered a sport? | Yahoo Answers Poker is for whatever reason considered a sport because it's 'cool' unlike chess, which is just as competitive. Even though chess players are labeled 'geeks'. Sport - "An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others." Poker is as much of a sport as chess (in other words, it's not.) Why is poker considered a sport? | Yahoo Answers

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Should Poker Be Considered a Sport? - Sportskeeda Should poker be considered a sport? There is an on-going debate about considering poker a sport, a game or gambling. How is Poker a sport? - Quora Believe it or not, poker is in fact considered a sport, a mind sport to be precise, having being accepted as so by the IMSA in 2010 (the guys in ... Is Poker a Sport or a Game? - Online poker news and updates ... Aug 6, 2015 ... Paul Seaton asks a question that's been debated for many years, is poker a game or a sport? Poker As A Sport? - General Poker - CardsChat™

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Everybody has different opinions regarding this. Many individuals would condition the thrill, interpersonal and participating for almost any good cause component of bingo is much more important than playing it to win prizes. Poker Hands order - Texas Hold'em Poker Hand Rankings | 888 A basic knowledge of poker hand rankings goes a long way. Once you understand hand rankings, you can formulate a strategy to make a winning 5-card hand. The Global Poker League: Why sponsors need to pay attention With interest building around the launch of the Global Poker League (GPL) next year, data released by Repucom reveals the potential the series could offer.. Introduction to Online Poker Tournaments | Sit & Go's | MTTs